Get Rid of Those Unwanted Tenants

Get Rid of Those Unwanted Tenants

Rely on us for apartment complex pest control services in Evansville, Princeton, IN & surrounding areas.

If you run an apartment complex in the Evansville, IN area, one of the biggest problems you’ll have to face is an infestation of crickets, roaches or fleas in your building. Keep your tenants happy and safe by scheduling apartment complex pest services from Best Pest Control.

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5 tips for bothersome keeping insects out


It can be hard to manage a pest problem in a large multi-family building, but here are a few ways you can minimize the appearance of creepy crawlies between pest control appointments:


  1. Provide your tenants with a checklist of preventive measures.
  2. Seal up cracks, holes and other potential points of entry.
  3. Limit moisture by checking plumbing fixtures regularly.
  4. Keep the grass and foliage on your property in check.
  5. Partner with an apartment complex pest control company with a track record of success.



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